About the farm

The history of the farm

The farm name “Mårtens” comes from Mårten Larsson born 1707 and his son Per Mårtensson born 1736. The farm has a long family history. 1812 on September 1, the manor house and all other houses on the site were destroyed, in the fire that destroyed Öster Hästbo when the village was like a cluster village on the hill. When the trial was over that the compensation would be paid that the victims received from Brandstodsbolaget, it was certainly urgent for all house people in the village when winter was soon approaching. At Öster Hästbo No. 10, the bakery was probably built the same autumn to get a roof over your head, as it was smaller and easier to build. The barn and another outbuilding may have been built during the winter, they were built south of the bakery, the barn north of the bakery was built much later. In the large Bergsmansgården there is a large cast iron plate cast, where it says Pehr Pehrsson and Brita Larsdotter 1826, it is probably the year when the large Bergsmansgården was completed. The miner Pehr Pehrsson born 1768 and his wife Brita Larsdotter born 1779, owned the farm at this time. Their son Pehr Pehrsson born 1802 married Brita Olsdotter born 1804 in the neighboring farm, “Ol Lars” Öster Hästbo No. 11, the same year 1826, when he also moved there. The cast iron plate is probably made at Hästbo Hytta.

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Chicken Greta
Greta has been incubating her eggs in the flowerbed for three weeks
Goat Estelle
Estelle cuddles
Autumn view
Gretas top view
The hen Greta wanted a little view of the farm
The rabbits
Estelle and Ulrika seem to try GoatYoga
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Now we are creating a new story on the farm!

We are Ulrika & Christer and our son Casper and our animals that we will probably fill the farm with in time.
The moving load went here in December 2020 from Alunda in Uppland.
We have been looking for “our farm” for a long time and have been to many shows around and last autumn we saw the ad and thought to go and look, you can always do as an excursion of many.
We fell in love with the yard pretty quickly as we only saw a lot of opportunities and the beautiful hilly nature around the corner.
We start by starting up Bed & Breakfast and the idea is then a café with a farm shop.
Ulrika works full time on the farm and Christer is employed at Sandvik.

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